How can we decipher something of value with something worthless?

What happens when a waste product is transformed into an artistic experience?

Is it worthless?

What happens when people feel discarded or useless?

Is it ok to spend time on something that has no practical application?

What can we use the useless art for?


These are some of the questions that the four artists work with and relate to in the exhibition entitled UseLess


Through their works, the paradox between the immediate joy that can be found, for example, in the art and awareness of resource scarcity and man-made pollution and over-consumption is explored.


“Less is more” or “All you need is less”


Use Less
The works explore, among other things the value of the useless and the problem of saving – reusing and transforming well-known and everyday materials that we commonly consider to be obsolete.

Useless objects are wasting both space and time and right now when we are constantly dealing with the planet’s resources, Use Less is the key word: Save resources, spend as little as possible and recycle as much as possible.


Is it possible to transform a seemingly worthless waste product into a valuable and inspiring experience that both lets us look at the material with new eyes and inspire new ways of seeing and experiencing at all?

The exhibition insists with its title on the need for and longing for the “useless”
A longing for the “eternal values”, the values ​​that make us human: Marvel. Curiosity. Emotions. Doubt. Reflection. Self-forgetfulness.